Saturday Morning


Ducks land hard on lake

A chorus of feathered brown

White bubbles remain

~  October 8, 2021



Stalky chalk-white bird

Balancing on two brown legs

Constantly startled 

                                               ~  January 20, 2017


Cardinal on magnolia tree      Photo credit: Crista Dalton


Cardinals, cheery song birds, are found all over North America and elsewhere. They have various calls, and one distinctive chirp in our part of the country: “se-vére, se-vére, se-vére.” They sing other songs too, one followed by a warble. Male cardinals, decked out in scarlet plumage, often appear on Christmas plates and holiday cards-–even on bags of birdseed.

During mating season, the male and female sing antiphonally from different perches, matching each other with sweet song. There’s a lesson here: If I want to hear tender tunes from my mate, I may need to practice them: first of all, in my thoughts, and then, I am ready to translate them into pleasing speech.

Finally, brothers [and sisters], whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.         ~  Philippians 4:8   ESV


There’s More: I’m about ¾ through reading Laurie Kehler’s Wings of Mercy: Spiritual Reflection from the Birds of the Air.



The blurb

Observe the cheery bluebird, the hovering hummingbird, and the brilliant cardinal along with the lowly sparrow. Lively description and fascinating information about our feathered friends coupled with honest, searching insights about living out our faith make Wings of Mercy a book for every birdwatcher, whether casual or dedicated.


Hummingbird ornament       © Marian Beaman





And Even More! 

A bird song you’d like to identify? This interactive website may help. On the site, you will find a “tree” of birds in costume. Clicking on each bird will make its call audible. The website will look like the image below. Easy Peasy!



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