In early May 2024, I discovered that the Contact page on my blog was not working  properly at all. To my chagrin, since 2017 the messages of at least 17 people who tried to contact me through my blog failed to make a connection (GASP)! Why? The page on my blog where readers can write a direct message to me was broken. Why did I not know? Who should I blame?

I discovered via my web master a category on WordPress dashboard titled Ninja Forms—> Submissions that I had not checked before. Doing so now enabled me to contact each person listed since I had names and email addresses for those who inquired. The queries and requests ran the gamut:

  • A reader notified me about his review of Mennonite Daughter on Books-A-Million. (Otherwise, how would I know?)
  • The director of distribution for Choice Books wanted to know the name of my publisher.
  • A roommate from college years wished to re-connect.
  • Some wanted to know how to receive my blog posts. (Happy to help although my Welcome page extends an invitation!)
  • A former student reminded me of his encounter with My Fair Lady, via Pygmalion. This is what he said:
    • You were my English teacher in 12th grade at Lancaster Mennonite School. I remember reading Pygmalion as a class. I was the narrator and changed all the swear words to other more acceptable expressions. Anyway, it was fun and educational. ‘enree ‘iggins was too full of himself., and of course, I have never done that as a college physics prof.

Facebook page, 2024


Another example: More Bad to Glad:

Writers never, ever like to overlook offers to guest post on other writers’ blogs as my message to author/journalist Karen Dustman explains:

Here’s my email to Karen Dustman May 14, 2024 after reading her inquiry way back in 2019.


Hello, Karen,

Just this week I got the snafu on my blog’s contact page resolved, so I am addressing your query to me via in 2019 when my first memoir, Mennonite Daughter: The Story of a Plain Girl, was published.

Since then, I have also published a sequel: My Checkered Life: A Marriage Memoir, (2023) also with excellent reviews:

You have a beautiful website and I enjoyed seeing the books you have featured. If you are still interested in an author interview, I can be reached at

With kind regards,

Marian Beaman


Her immediate reply back on May 15: 

Hi Marian,

Thanks for reaching out, and how fun to know my query from 2019 finally connected with you! Congratulations on your second memoir last year, too.

As I’m sure you probably saw, I try to encourage would-be memoir writers, and provide tips and inspirational examples (like you!) of people who’ve completed their memoir. So, my big focus is always on what you learned by doing your memoirs.

I’d love to do a short profile of you for my memoir writers’ newsletter. If it’s okay, I’ll just send you a series of short questions — and I promise I’ll proof a draft of the article with you before it goes out. Let me know if that works for you!




Karen sent me a list of questions immediately, and I got busy with a reply back to her.

Karen Dustman – author, journalist, historian


Here is what readers saw on Karen’s website:

Story of a Plain Girl: A Q&A with Memoir Author Marian Beaman


Yes, I did sell some more books thanks to Karen, but more importantly, I met someone new in the writing world and widened my circle of friendships.


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