Behold, some miracles!



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Skills learned in early childhood become more difficult to acquire later on, says the research. It seems simple to teach preschoolers any language they hear. In fact, they can learn it often without a trace of an accent.

Why is that so?

“This is explained by a process called phoneme contraction. The larynx of a young child assumes a shape needed to make any sounds he or she is learning to use.” These same children will have a harder time attempting to make those same sounds later in life.

Cited in The Word for You Today, February 14, 2024



Simon Verity working on façade of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City, Getty Images


The Smithsonian magazine once featured a master stonecutter from England named Simon Verity. He restored thirteenth-century cathedrals in Great Britain. As the authors watched him work, they noticed something fascinating.

“Verity listens closely to hear the song of the stone under his careful blows. A solid strike and all is well, A higher-pitched ping, and it could mean trouble. A chunk of rock could break off. He constantly adjusts the angle of the chisel and the force of the mallet to the pitch, pausing frequently to run his hand over the freshly carved surface.”

Verity understood the importance of his task. He knew one wrong move could be devastating, causing irreparable damage to his work of art. His success was rooted in his ability to hear the signals his stone were sending.

Quoted in The Word for You Today, November 15, 2023



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A Miracle

It’s a miracle how the Bed

nestles us safely

a third of our lives

As the eight-thousand-mile-thick earth

beneath us twirls, pulling

the atmosphere around itself

Like a whirling shawl.


Somehow we wake up

not at all dizzy, slide out,

Feet on the floor, stand upright

and go about our business,

which is in itself

another miracle.

~ Charyl K. Zehfus, quoted in Bedside Prayers, June Cotner, editor




The wind was pulling

the clouds apart into threads

Of milky white wool.

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Your mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.      ~  Psalm 36:5


Last November, multi-talented author Robbie Cheadle inspired me to write a Hay(Na)Ku, a chain of three lines, each on a single theme with the first line composed of one word; the second line, two words, and the third line, three words. I haven’t had the inspiration to compose such a verse until now.

We have four family birthdays in July: my grand-daughter, my son, my mother, and me. What follows is a tribute to my mother who died five days after her 96th birthday ten years ago, my first attempt at the HayNaKu verse form.


Mother frying bacon, July 2014



Do any of these miracles resonate with you?

Another miracle you can recall?

Are there any July birthdays in your family?