Savor the Moment: “Smell the treat before you eat it. Linger over a good conversation at dinner. Choose enjoyment over accomplishments and possessions.”

Build a Comfortable nest: Blankets, pillows, soft pajamas may help – Make a a “hyggekrog,” a nook, a place where you cuddle up with a blanket, a book and a cup of tea.   ~ Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book of Hygge

Set a soft mood: Candles, soft music (or silence), ambient lighting

Embrace nature: Take a stroll or leisurely bike ride; bring the outdoors in with wood, herbs, flowering plants.

Feed your senses: “Warm your hands around a steaming fragrant mug” of mulled cider, your favorite tea or coffee.


Candlewick, 1975


Kerosene lamp with grapes, 1975


Bath Towel, 1975


Trench coat detail, 1975



Candle, lamp, and coat

Snuggle me with light and warmth

Kettle steam breathes hope   

 ~ MLB


Teakettle, 1975


Pastiche, 1976


Note: The accompanying pencil sketches were rendered by artist Cliff Beaman while taking a drawing class in graduate school at Florida State University in 1975. The pastiche of cake and milk was created later.


Hygge, taking pleasure in comfortable, soothing things, fits February when stiff winds blow while the earth continues to rest. I have written about the Danish practice of Hygge before, which is why this post is titled How to Hygge, Part  II.

One or more of the pictures above may evoke feelings of comfort and/or nostalgia for you.


* * *


What spells “hygge” for you these days?

Thanks for sharing here!