Campbell’s Soup Cut-out, a fridge fixture for years in our former house


Soup is a lot like a family. Each ingredient enhances the others; each batch has its own characteristics; and it needs time to simmer to reach full flavor.

~ Marge Kennedy


Has a tub of soup or stew been bubbling away on your stove tops lately? At the moment, homemade soup with a base of spinach, celery and pork bits in chicken broth is simmering in my own kitchen.

Fall and winter are the seasons when many hear the culinary call to create and savor soup. A potpourri of fresh and canned ingredients (along with herbs and spices) feeds both body and soul.

I’ve written about soup twice before on my blog.

In this post, you can find a photo of my mother Ruth peeling potatoes along with a recipe for her tummy-warming vegetable soup.



In another post, I salute Sabah Jabri, a former accountant who, along with her civil engineer husband, fled from Iraq and settled in the United States. She has worked as a chef at Ten Thousand Villages in Ephrata, PA. In this post, you can find a photo of Sabah and her soup, along with a recipe for Melodie Davisโ€™ savory lentil soup.

Photo courtesy of Lancaster Online


My memoir, Mennonite Daughter, contains a recipe section. You can find one of Mom’s favorite recipes for chicken corn soup on page 234.

Mom’s Chicken Corn Soup with Rivels and eggs




Thanks to blog reader Jack Weiser, I discovered a taste atlas of soups in Europe online, featuring dozens of soup recipes perhaps from your country of origin or one you have traveled to.



Your turn to share:

  • A memory of a tasty soup?
  • A special recipe?
  • One that didn’t turn out well?


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