I have written about my mother often here. You have seen photos of her, read stories about her. Intentionally, I have paid tribute to her on Mother’s Days past. Here is a sampling:

Bedtime Stories and Wooden Blocks and Beads

Mother’s Quilts

Mother’s Other Daughters

My First Mother’s Day after her Death


My Mother Loved to Cook and She Loved to Eat

Making sandwiches from Baum’s bologna

Mother slicing pig stomach with baked corn and a stick of butter close by


Mother at Christian Women luncheon in Mt. Joy, PA


Mom at Gigi’s Ice Cream Shop    Bainbridge, PA




Peggy Rowe, has written a memoir titled About My Mother, hot off the press.

A cross between Erma Bombeck and Betty White, Peggy stamps mid-20th century small-town life with her brand of nostalgia. If you fancy reading about . . . 

  • A horse-crazy daughter and her baseball-obsessed mother
  • Games of tiddly winks and hopscotch
  • Throwing tomatoes at passing cars, a lapse in manners
  • A mother in a wheel chair undressing down to her brassiere in the lingerie department at Macy’s.

. . . this is the book for you!

Choice lines: “Jim’s 1950 chartreuse convertible with leopard skin seat covers stood out in our dull, middle-class neighborhood like a belly dancer at an Amish funeral.”

The book is selling like hotcakes. It doesn’t hurt that the author’s son is Mike Rowe of the TV series, Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It.


Your memories of mother (or perhaps a mother figure) welcome here!