Dolly Parton stands larger than life in American pop culture.

While Cliff and I are enjoying time away to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, Dolly has agreed to entertain you.


Her Story

The cover story in Closer magazine, August 29, 2016 featured “Dolly Parton: Secrets from my 50-Year Marriage.”

“When Dolly and Carl eloped across the state line to Georgia, the only witness at their wedding was her mother, Avie Lee. After, we drove home and went back to work as usual,” Dolly recalls.

Of her husband Carl, Dolly admits . . .

“He is my anchor and I am his excitement. . . . He is a true homebody and he does not like to be uprooted too much. He likes to go on vacation but he likes to plan it all. I, on the other hand, am a complete gypsy. I like creating all kinds of craziness and he likes to keep it all in a little safe place.”

They got married again when they renewed their wedding vows in May 2016.


Her Anniversary Song

As a tribute to her life-tested marriage, she composed the song “Say Forever You’ll be Mine.”

“As long as you live, there is always some new twist on the same old thing. I always try to find it” in my songs, says Dolly, on tour in June 2016.

Listen for the words . . .

Forever is the love that is true, undemanding. Forever is the love that can STAND the test of time.


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