MARY: “Guess what! My Mom gave me her home organ. I may have it any time we can figure out how to get it moved from her house to where Alexei and I are moving. It’s really heavy!”

SARAH: “Cool! Okay, let me check with Joel. Maybe we can help you and Alexei with the move this weekend.

Mary was a good friend of my daughter-in-law Sarah when they were both students at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago. Both were working on graduate degrees in art therapy. It so happened Mary and future husband Alexei were setting up housekeeping in a cute cottage in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. The video, filmed one weekend in 2004, shows what ensued, an uplifting organ transplant indeed.



C. Joel Beaman  Used by permission


Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.                          ~  Matthew 11:28


Have you ever moved a heavy (or unwieldy) item?

What was the outcome?



Happy New Year!

May all of your burdens in 2024 be joyful and light