How do you listen to a podcast or Zoom interview?

  • Sit and stare into space?
  • Take a walk?
  • Lounge on your couch?
  • Chop vegetables for soup?
  • Multi-task in some other way?

Last month, Barbara Vitelli, also known as blogger Book Club Mom, interviewed me via Zoom. She was very methodical about it all, doing a pre-interview, so we could get to know one another aside from our interaction previously on each other’s blogs. There were lots of giggles and stops and starts. Though Barbara has the thoroughness of a librarian, you’ll notice that she likes to “go with the flow” too, ad-libbing sometimes and welcoming impromptu bits. Her YouTube channel finds her practicing Chopin or using colored pencils as she listen to audiobooks. She doesn’t shy away from making mistakes on her channel, illustrating the ingenuity and playfulness of Pippi Longstocking. She told me before the interview, “Say whatever you want to say as long as we discuss both books” (Mennonite Daughter and My Checkered Life).


Barbara divided the interview into two parts. You can play Part I below.


Discover more about Barbara on her blog Book Club Mom and find her YouTube channel. With the just the right mix of wisdom and zaniness, she has bunches of followers.

(You can find Part 2 of the interview here.)


How do you listen to a Zoom interview, podcast, or audio book?

Are you yourself a podcaster? a creator on YouTube?