Colleen and I are longtime friends. Really long time. We met in March 1969 at a church here in Jacksonville, Florida.

My friend Collie is a quilt-maker, who obviously likes bright colors. Her specialty is touch quilts with textures both calming and vibrant.


Last February when she visited, we made pink and white valentine cookies bedecked with red sprinkles. They were home-baked. The batter was not home-made.


A Short Valentine Story in Pictures


Another Valentine Story

Lynn Rosack, curator of collectible trivets featured valentines on her website last February. If you click on the link, you will find several mechanical greeting cards crafted from heavy card stock with an embedded ring that allows the card layers to rotate. Some are from the USA and others from Germany. All are created before 1950. You can view more examples of vintage mechanical Valentine cards with an ironing theme on her fascinating website.



* * *


In this same blog post, Lynn featured a little doll pinning clothes on a line and finding a surprise romance.



As Lynn explains, “moving the lever at the bottom of this card Left to Right causes the little girl to hang a cloth on the line, her eyes to move, and a little boy to pop up with a Valentine heart. It measures 6 7/8โ€ณ x 4 5/8โ€ณ and PRINTED IN GERMANY is printed horizontally in tiny letters at the left front.”



Hot off the Press!

Snag a copy of My Checkered Life: A Marriage Memoir this Valentine’s week. Find it now in the BookBaby Shop.ย E-Book will be available soon.

Expect to laugh and cry and experience many emotions in between as you take an insider look into a long marriage between opposites: plain Mennonite girl from the East coast merging with off-beat pioneer type from the West. Sparks fly, sometimes igniting arguments, other times finding harmony. Discover how their early commitment is sustained by mutual love and trust. This 352-page memoir includes 126 illustrations, with restored photos and art work by husband Cliff.



How do you keep in touch with friends, long-time or otherwise?

What special cards have you have held onto?