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Laurie, A Model of Re-invention

Laurie left home as a young teen without completing high school, but then zoomed to her GED and later to a notable PhD. She has reinvented herself more than once during her lifetime. To date, she has authored four books, and counting . . .


I met Laurie as an early supporter of my blog in the days when she was writing self-help books while blogging. Back then, she described herself as a holistic health practitioner and transformational life coach.

Laurie’ s Writing Space: Minimal and Cheerful



More Juice about Laurie:

Growing up she wanted to be a magician, international spy, and mad scientist. “There’s still time!” she exudes.

As a photographer and avid reader, she carries a laptop, book, and camera with her wherever she goes. And she adores red licorice!

She loves to travel and take walks—long walks. She walked across Scotland, a 211-mile journey from the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and climbed Ben Nevis, the highest point in the British Isles.

Now she lives in the Pacific Northwest with her pilot-husband, Len, and enjoys yoga, bicycling, and camping. Chef Len contributes mouth-watering menus to her scripts.


My review of her first book: Note to Self

My review of her second book: The Business of Being 


These days she uses her skills as an active listener, observer of details, and payer of attention to pen crime fiction. Currently into book 3 of the Sean McPherson murder mystery series, Laurie is an enthusiastic writer of suspense thrillers.


In this series, set in the Pacific Northwest in the woodsy locale of the Quill & Pen Writers’ Retreat, authors do produce manuscripts, but they also witness malice, mayhem, even murder. Following the fast-moving plot-line, readers are treated to delicious menus at the retreat while witnessing the winsome antics of Hemingway, himself a canine sleuth.


My Review and Link

Super Sleuth Laurie Buchanan reveals evidence as deliberately as Hansel and Gretel drop bread crumbs in the Grimm’s fairy tale. In her debut thriller, Indelible, the author strews hints as the story’s plot-line unfolds, ensuring that her readers turn the pages at ever increasing speed. Along the way, I was treated to a fully-drawn cast of characters whose knowledge of aromatherapy, divine wines, and forensic pathology is mind-boggling. Immersed in the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest, I used all five senses to savor the story, and I eagerly look forward to Books 2 and 3 of her Sean McPherson series. As a bonus, writerly tips appear in epigraphs heading each chapter. For me, this story with its unforgettable characters, including an Irish Wolfhound, soars to five stars.


My Review and Link

Laurie Buchanan’s Iconoclast opens with a bang and ends with a blast. The action in this suspense thriller, second in the Sean McPherson novel series, sets in motion more murder and mayhem. With knitting needles pulling in fresh yarn, the author weaves together strands of a twisty plot at the Pines & Quill writers’ retreat. As in book I, Indelible, the author treats her readers to writerly tips which appear in epigraphs at the beginning of each chapter. The line from one writer, Mickey Spillne, especially resonated with me: “The first chapter sells the book. The last chapter sells the next book.” I eagerly look forward to Book 3, Impervious, knowing Laurie will create a dazzling conclusion with a cast of captivating  characters that includes a beloved canine buddy, Hemingway.

In the queue to be published soon is Impervious, Book 3.  Readers ask, “Will this book conclude the Sean McPherson series? Or is there a book 4 in the works?” Maybe Laurie will decide to begin a new series?


* * *

One thing is for sure, Laurie’s not done. Not by a long shot. She’s an enthusiastic author, especially of mysteries, thrillers of all types, which include the pursuit of justice.

Self-described as a cross between Dr. Doolittle and Nanny McPhee, Laurie is reveling n the most productive period of her life ever.


I have read and reviewed all of Laurie’s books, and I am happy to feature the accomplished author Laurie Buchanan on this, my 600th blog post, folks!


Laurie says to her younger self, “I wish I would have known how much I enjoy writing books and started earlier.” seen on her Facebook page, March 2021



Do you read crime dramas or thrillers? Watch mystery films? Have you read any of  Laurie’s books?

What would you tell your younger self?