Like a double-side mirror, reflect is one of those words with a dual meaning. It can either turn in upon itself or look outward.

It can cast back light or enlighten the path ahead.


The American Heritage Dictionary illuminates further:

  • To give back a likeness, as mirrors do, or as a still surface, like a pond or lake does.




  • To think or consider seriously, to ponder, as Mary did in her heart after the visitation from the angel Gabriel.

This year I choose to reflect, in more than one sense of the word:





Last year, my special word was “Beyond,” a word abounding in ambition and forward thrust. In retrospect, my selection seems ironic, as our world continues to struggle to get beyond the tentacles of the pandemic.

This year, my choice is a calmer, gentler word, “reflect.” I aim to look before I leap, and to ponder because I want to get a clear view of things. I hope to spend more time in solitude, so I can think straight. Or, as my Grandma Longenecker used to say, “Let my soul catch up to my body.”


A Bonus, quote contributed by another author and shared below, “Endless Weekend

“There are two ways of spreading light: be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”      ~ Edith Wharton


Another Bonus, from Carolyn Phanstiel.

My friend and former colleague Carolyn always sends a Christmas letter, the first holiday card I receive, usually postmarked December 1. She is never late. This year, as always, she included words of wisdom. With her permission, I am including the matching quiz she sent me. (Answers will follow next week.)


If you are curious, my guide words for previous years:

Advance 2015

Wholeheartedness 2016 

Focus 2017

Intention 2018

Publish 2019

Beauty 2020

Beyond 2021


Do you choose a guide word each year?

How would you add to the definitions of “reflection” listed here?

Beyond the disappearance of the Virus and its mutations, what are your hopes and dreams for 2022?