Bobby Oliver read my book, Mennonite Daughter, and reviewed it the same week. Bobby is the ideal reader and reviewer, but he is certainly not my typical reader.

Seven of the Amazon reviews of The Story of a Plain Girl are from men. Women are more apt than men to pick up a book with a little girl holding a doll on my cover. Thus, my typical reader is usually female, a GenX-er or Baby Boomer in age. Some, even older. Indeed, Bobby is not my typical reader.


Bobby’s Profile

Bobby is a 30-year-old realtor/broker, also not the description of a typical reader of my memoir. My husband and I engaged him to sell our rental property, wanting to divest ourselves of that responsibility. On our initial meeting, Bobby treated us to a snack at Panera Bread Company. During the get-acquainted session, he inquired about our personal lives. Then I mentioned I was a writer and that I had published a memoir. I was surprised when he expressed keen interest in buying my book.

After our “business” meeting, I was even more shocked: He hopped to the ATM machine and withdrew cash to buy a book. Of course, I thought he was only trying to ingratiate himself to us, so he could list and sell our property.

I was wrong. He read the book in record time—days not weeks or months–and promptly posted a review, as promised. Here is the LINK.

The Mennonite Daughter is a refreshing glimpse into a different way of life featuring the timeless tale of an individual questioning the norms and traditions of the society they were born into. Fitting for someone looking to learn more about the Mennonite culture or to simply be entertained through the author’s impressive storytelling ability. Would highly recommend! Looking forward to putting the recipes to use.


What We Were Looking for

  • Someone reliable and trustworthy who would give us a fair price for a property we have owned for 15 years


  • Someone who would not damage the relationship we had with a good tenant still living in our property


  • Someone who would communicate status of the process from beginning to end


  • Someone whom we could recommend to other landlords wishing to sell



Bobby’s Qualities

  • He gave us status updates regularly and always on time.


  • He facilitated the deal with two walk throughs. Also, there were no hiccups in the transfer of property to DuvalHomeBuyers.

Oliver performed as advertised. And we can highly recommend this realty company to other property owners wishing to sell.

In other words, Bobby was reliable, on time, even anticipating next moves, solving problems before they became tough issues. He was able to think “outside the box”!


 Thinking Outside the Box

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The mission: Duval Home Buyers:

Here is an excerpt from an email message affirming the company’s mission:

We’d love to feature a post on our primary website promoting your book, as the idea of broadcasting the accomplishments of our clients to the community resonates strongly with our office culture and values. . .

I might add that the company has assured me that other clients who are authors–not just me–will be accorded the same privilege.


Typically, most real estate firms are interested in their clients up until the closing of the sale. This company is unique, wanting to promote cultural enrichment in the community far beyond a business transaction.

Here is a link to the Spotlight


My Take

Most authors, independent and even traditionally published authors, know that book promotion is very much up to the themselves. I have had plenty of disappointment in the rocky road of marketing Mennonite Daughter, but I cherish the successes. If you have read and reviewed my book, huge thanks!

Without a doubt, my encounter with Duval Home Buyers was a high point in my book promotion, a bright surprise!


What has been your experience buying or selling a home?

As an author, what experiences stand out in your book marketing?


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