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Author Rachel Hollis’ story is a rags to riches narrative, the heroine moving from Weedpatch (actual name!), California, to luxurious Bel Air, near Hollywood. Her book, published by Thomas Nelson in 2018, is also a memoir of sorts: edgy Christian lifestyle guru struggling through life as we all do with glitches, traumatic events–and triumphs. An entrepreneur who began as a blogger, she founded Chic Media, now a burgeoning enterprise.


Rachel is of a younger generation than I, a Millennial, most likely. Curious about her point of view and because I needed a break from heavier non-fiction, like G. K. Chesterton’s essay collection, I picked up her book at the library. You can read my review here.

Her “take” on creativity in the writing life intrigued me; it’s one I can identify with. Here is a passage I bookmarked with the text printed below the snapshot:


Writing—for me—is its own kind of worship.

The definition of worship is the “feeling of expression or reverence for a deity.” Creating is the greatest expression of reverence I can think of because I recognize that the desire to make something as a gift from God. The freedom to carve out the time and have a safe place to create that art is a blessing of the highest level in a world where so many people are unable to have either. Every time I indulge in the art of creation without worrying about what the public will think of it is craft in its purest form—and craft can be any old thing at all. For me it’s writing. For you it might be painting, making quilts, or take a Thursday-night ballet class. Whether or not something is good or worthy is up for interpretation, and if you’re unconcerned about other people’s interpretations, then everything you make is fantastic.

            I hope you’ll remember this in your own life, and I hope you’ll create for yourself. Do it in celebration of your ability to do so.

~ Rachel Hollis in Girl, Wash Your Face



 Till I come, give attention to reading.                                                                                                      ~ I Timothy 4:13,  New King Jams Version


Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.”            ~  Habakkuk 2:2,  New KJV


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Who/What stirs your creative juices?

Do you think of writing as a kind of worship?

What books, poetry or prose, have provided you with inspiration?