I like to play games! Check all that apply:

___ Board games



___Crossword puzzles

___Other (__________________)



I hate playing games! Check all that apply:

___Games are pointless, a waste of time.

___I never win.

___I’d rather talk to friends or family than play games with them.

___Other  (______________)



My mother was a game girl. I wrote about her love of playing games on my blog.


I also wrote about physically active games I remember playing in grade school.


In late March, during the stay-at-home advisory, I pushed myself to tidy-up, dusting and sorting through stuff, things I don’t bother doing at this stage of life. In fact, I’d rather spend my time reading, writing or doing nothing but stare out the window, watching ducks drifting on the lake.

What I Found:

An ancient bridal shower book of games from Aunt Ruthie. I don’t remember playing these games.


I also found Baby shower games from the same era


In early May, after we had all gotten stir crazy, my Southern Ladies and I met at the Sweetwater Pavilion. We wore masks (mostly), and practiced social distancing (not so much)! Some of us wore lipstick under our masks. We are, after all, southern ladies!

Not quite the Bobbsey Twins, Helen and Brenda, Southern Lady Friends at Sweetwater Pavilion


Carolyn, ready to don her floral mask


Judy and Gail, trying to decipher each other’s masked words


We played a (loose) version of Bingo, complete with bingo roll cage and portable microphone system . . .

. . . The toilet paper was a prop, I guess!




Your observations about games welcome here!

Note: I don’t have an answer key for any of the shower games, so you are on your own (or, ask each other in comments!)


Coming next: A Tale of Toilet Paper, Ukraine Style