Avocado Toast is yummy!

Have you tried it?

Great for mid-morning snack, 4 o’clock tea, or simple supper


Assemble your ingredients: 2 small or l large avocado; seasonings, salt and red pepper flakes; tomato slices (optional). Avocado, nature’s butter, is nutrient-rich and tasty!


Mash the avocado:


Add seasonings to mash: 2 pinches of salt, to taste; 10-12 flakes of red pepper spread on toast bread. I used whole grain, but you could substitute rye, wheat, or sourdough.


The rest is easy!


Why Avocado Toast?

Before our city’s lockdown in March, I met with my web guy, Stockton, at Southern Grounds, a coffee shop/community hub in San Marco, which encouraged outdoor seating. Stockton talked about ordering avocado toast, but settled for a hearty breakfast drink instead. When he raved about how tasty the toast was, I googled the recipe later on, easy-peasy!

Social distancing was just around the corner, we discovered a few days later.

Stockton helping Cliff figure out the finer points of FinalCut Pro, a video-editing program



I remember Mother making buttered toast to dip in hot chocolate, a morning (or an evening treat). Your memory?

Do you have an easy recipe to share?