With this blog post, edging toward # 500 posts, I celebrate 7 years of blogging.

Yes, SEVEN, my perfect number!


One of my faithful blog readers, L. Marie in El Space has just celebrated her 7th blogiversary with her clever memes Harry and Kitten. Her blog is worth a look!

On blog anniversaries, writers like Holly and Tania, typically post observations or lessons learned from blogging. Here are some excerpts from these bloggers, who each posted 7 points:


  1. Blogging is a lot of work.
  2. Blogging teaches you a lot: (Running a website and finding material for posts.)
  3. Blogging comes with great community.
  4. Bloggers are sometimes tempted to quit. (Holly felt like quitting after she had a baby.)



  1. Be authentic.
  2. Write about what you know and love.
  3. Build your community. Share your blog on your personal social pages. Share it with friends. Follow other like-minded bloggers and comment on their content.
  4. Take some time to learn about SEO, Search Engine Optimization. (For me, this is an ongoing concern.)

I can relate to all these points!



Remember The Seven-Year Itch, the Movie?

The Seven-Year Itch, the title of a 1955 movie starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell

Click HERE for movie clip with Marilyn’s skirt flying up with breeze from the subway!


Psychological Definition

The seven-year itch is a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of marriage. The phrase originated as a name for irritating and contagious skin complaints of a long duration.

This term highlights the idea of wishing for change (maybe also being tempted to quit, etc.) at the 7-year mark.



Haiku to you: Celebrating my Blog Readers

Few just touch and go

Many, faithful, stick like glue

Corresponding true


Hitherto hath the Lord helped [me].

1 Samuel 7:12 King James Version


* * * * *


How/Where do you find blog topics?

If you have been blogging for a long time, have you been tempted to quit?

If you have persisted, how have you persevered through the urge to give up?


Thank you for being part of my tribe here!