“Why is Glenn Longenecker buying so many antiques?” It was June 2017, and I noticed cousin Glenn was outbidding antique dealers at our Aunt Ruthie’s property sale. He was sitting under the sales tent with several items he already bought huddled around his feet.

“Don’t you know he has a collection of old Longenecker stuff somewhere on his farm?” came the reply.

I had to know more. So, during my book tour last month, (September 2019), my husband, sister Jean, and I visited Glenn and Sharon’s farm off the Maytown Road in western Lancaster County.

The Farm and Museum

The immaculate Longenecker farm, once a dairy and pig farm, now raises crops of soybeans, corn, and guineas for sale to upscale restaurants in New York City.


One of the buildings (approximately 50′ x 150′) shown on the aerial view above contains farm memorabilia and more . . .


We were fascinated to find signs from my father’s shop, Longenecker Farm Supply, a1947 calendar with the H. R. Longenecker imprint, (Grandpa Henry), a “secretary” from Grandma and Aunt Ruthie Longenecker’s sitting room, and Grandma Fannie’s quilting frame!


Farmer’s wife Sharon is a quilter too and not bashful about showing off her exquisite quilts”

Sharon and Glenn with son Jamie in the background!


And much more! Dolls, and pitchforks; a cash register, a barn with a shingled roof, each shingle placed, one piece at a time, possibly with tweezers.

A model train, a butter churn . . .


A music box with handle that plays the old time “Bringing in the Sheaves”!

BringingSheavesMusicBox_6590ย  (Click to play)


We saw nearly a dozen famous Zook 3-D paintings. Aaron and Abner Zook, identical Amish twins, created intricate paintings with Amish farm themes in the last century, large art that often appears in restaurants and museums even now across the county.


Of course we saw nearly half a dozen tractors, here one with son Jamie, giving details . . .


But taking center stage was Glenn’s prized 1960s Pontiac GTO, ensconced by the famous Exxon tigers. (Remember? Put a tiger in your tank!)


Our Connection:

My father, Ray Longenecker, and cousin Glenn’s father, Howard (son of Phares Longenecker) can trace their lineage from Ulrich Longenecker, who migrated from Switzerland, via Germany and the Netherlands in 1733. The next links in the chain were another Ulrich, two sons named Christian, a son John, and finally his son Levi Longenecker, who had three sons: Elmer, Ira, and Henry, my paternal grandfather.

Cousin Howard Longenecker was best man at my parents’ wedding. Ray and Ruth Longenecker and Howard with his wife Pearl celebrated their 25th anniversary together.


* * *

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