Lucky me!

L. Marie invited me to visit her blog “home” today. I met Linda Marie via Jill Weatherholt’s blog. That’s how the blog-o-sphere works: old friends connecting to new ones!

An MFA graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts, L. Marie excels at writing Middle Grade and Young Adult fantasy. To charm her blog readers, she adorns dolls, of both human and animal variety, with her knitted and crocheted creations.

This week L. Marie will share

  •     Fun facts about me
  •     Reading/Writing preferences
  •     Launch Party (Drop-In) photos


Here is a photo from the launch to get you started:


For many more photos and memoir info, click over to L. Marie’s post right HERE—–>




Note: I will be on tour with my book until the end of September. Connection to blog friends and other social media will be sporadic. Thanks for understanding!