The saying You’re Only Young Once gives youth license to enjoy themselves, implying that as you age, you will enjoy life less and less. 

FUN is OVER for you forever!

I’m guessing that you don’t accept that idea.


* * *

Did you know Dr. Seuss published his book, You’re Only Old Once, on his 82nd birthday in 1986? I didn’t either, until I spotted his book of cartoons on a library shelf. For sure, he doesn’t depict aging as fun and games. 


Scriptures abound with examples of those who lived longer because they had something to live for. Here are a few, in historical order:

  • Noah began building the ark at age 500.
  • Sarah had baby Isaac at age 90 (Please don’t gasp!
  • Caleb, age 85, attacked the giants in the hill country, drove them out, and became a landowner.



Social Media: Folks here prove that as you age, you can be as vibrant as a teen on social media. Not a one, acting solo or in a duo, acts obsolete as Dr. Seuss’s cartoons may suggest. They are wizards on Facebook Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.




The Beatles Get By With a Little Help from My Friends!




Young, or more mature, “How do you view the aging process?”

How do you get by (at whatever age you are)?

I’ve enjoyed reading Mary Pipher’s Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing as We Age. Any other titles to suggest?

🙂  My next post will appear on Wednesday, April 10.