You are invited

to my cover reveal


February 20, 2019



My memoir reflects

the first 24 years of my life

as a Mennonite girl



Would you buy this book?

It takes a few seconds (1-2 eye-blinks) for readers to decide whether to buy a book randomly spotted in a bookstore. They scrutinize the book in one gulp: title, graphics, and color. “Does this book grab me? Is it worth my time?” they ask.

It took time . . . a long time . .  to decide on a title, a photograph, font style and size, and placement of the cover elements.


The Title

I agonized over the title and sub-title. It too evolved over time. I blogged about the process!

Mennonite in Shiny Red Shoes

Coming of Age Mennonite: A Daughter’s Quest

A Mennonite Daughter’s Journey Home

A Mennonite Memoir: The Farm Mechanic’s Daughter

I was Mennonite: The Farm Mechanic’s Daughter and a Cultural Imprint

A Mennonite Daughter: Thorns and Roses

A Mennonite Daughter: Plain Girl Finds Love

The Mennonite Daughter: The Story of a Plain Girl


Then the struggle with A versus The.

Should I use the definite or the indefinite article? The Mennonite Daughter: A Story of a Plain Girl versus A Mennonite Daughter: The Story of a Plain Girl

Editor Annie Tucker stopped the fuss with her suggestion about dropping the article in the title and keeping “the” in the subtitle. Thus, the title . . .

Mennonite Daughter: The Story of a Plain Girl



The Photograph

While we were clearing out Aunt Ruthie’s house, I spotted an album with tattered pages I hadn’t seen in decades. There I found a photo of me as a 4-year-old holding a homemade doll. My white leather shoes fit into the black suede high heels I wore that day in front of a lilac bush.


The Design

I am self-publishing this book, so decisions about the content and layout fall on me. But I am fortunate to have an in-house artist. My husband Cliff created the cover, which the designers at 1106 Design tweaked.

Before the final design was approved, he made stand-up mini-posters for my desk and dresser to help inspire as I scrutinized copyedited drafts.




Inspiring Cover Reveals from Author Friends


Some beta readers

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A Developmental Editor

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An Invitation to You

I would like to feature other authors’ cover reveals next week. Please contact me here or by email, so you can be included in the post. Thank you!



What’s Next: Another Photograph!

Next week the reveal continues with the back cover display, portraying me as a Mennonite teacher. Stay tuned!

“A book cover is a distillation. It is a haiku of the story.”   Chip Kidd