Have you Ever Been Visited by an Angel?

Two Angel Rescue Stories

One day Debby Gass was driving through Nevada when her sports car ran out of gas. A young woman, alone in a small car, on a desert highway with no one around—it had all the elements that cause us to be afraid. Soon a big tractor-trailer pulled up and a six-foot-tall driver got out and asked, “Can I help you, lady?” When she explained her predicament, he told her to lock her car and come with him to a service station a few miles up the interstate.


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What to do? The voice of God within Debby, a voice she’d learn to trust whispered, “It’s okay, Go with him.” As they drove together the man told her he’d been in prison, met Christ, and his life had been radically changed. He showed her pictures of his wife and family. When they returned to her car he poured a can of gas into her tank, said goodbye, and left.


Then it happened! Just as Debby turned her car around to leave—on a highway with a clear view for miles in either direction—the truck was nowhere to be seen. Just like that, a forty-ton tractor-trailer and its driver disappeared! The Bible says, “Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realized it!” Debby is convinced God sent an angel to help her that day.



Grandma Fannie Longenecker

My Grandma L. was a busy body. The cycle of seasons planned her work, especially outside of her house. She tended her garden in the spring and summer, and didn’t shy away from shoveling snow in the winter.

Grandma in sun-bonnet shoveling snow in Pennsylvania, 1950s (snap from video)

Once she told me a miraculous story . . .

“Marian, I was shoveling snow, fell down in the cold stuff, and couldn’t get up. I was really afraid. Ruth wasn’t home and I didn’t know what to do. I certainly didn’t want to lie there and die.

Then out of the blue, a man with kind-looking eyes walked in my direction and gently lifted me up and set me on my feet. It took a few seconds for me to find my balance. When I turned to thank him, he was nowhere to be seen. Where had he gone?

He must have been an angel.”

“Some …have…entertained angels without realizing it.”  Hebrews 13:2  NLT

I used the photo of grandma shoveling snow in a blog post in 2014, but I’ve not told the story of her miraculous rescue until now.


Debby is convinced God sent an angel to help her that day in the desert. What do you think?

Can you share a story of a dramatic rescue you have heard about or experienced?  (‘m currently reading Eric Metaxas’ Miracles.)