The Lost Sock

“Look what I found!” my housemate exclaimed in his throaty voice. He held up a single dark sock. Grinning at me, he added, “Here’s something you’ve been looking for since last year!”

“Oh, my goodness! Where in the world did you find it?”

“It was on my closet floor probably disguised under my black pants, that’s where.”



* * *

And there was the blue sock, dangling from his fingers.

Clearly, I’m not a style maven when it comes to outfits I wear to the gym. These socks, along with another beige pair, have been in my wardrobe for eons. I get attached to stuff like that. But two old pairs had gone missing. I wondered what happened to them.

  • Did the drier eat them up?
  • Did The Sock Stealer break into our house when I wasn’t looking?
  • Did they get attached to a Velcro item in the washer or drier?



My predicament reminds me of parables of lost items in the Bible . . .

Parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, the prodigal son


The Found Sock

My old dark blue sock has been united with its partner.

Beloved but threadbare navy socks


Maybe it’s happy now. Who can tell? At least nothing felonious happened to it.

In the meantime I’ve invested in six (yes 6) pairs of socks I can wear to Pilates or Power Pump. Friends who notice a haircut or a rare new outfit don’t seem to notice that I am wearing new socks.


Now I wonder what happened to the two (yes, 2!) pairs of glasses I lost during our house move two years.

I’ve written about missing items before in a post entitled “Button, button, who’s got the button?”

Also, I’ve blogged about The case of my two lost pairs of glasses which appears here.


In case you’re wondering, my tee shirt reads “Even saints blow their tops.”

I haven’t ~ yet!


How do you think my lost sock ended up on the floor under my husband’s black slacks?

Have you lost a sock, a coin, or a sheep? Anything else you lost recently . . . or long ago?

Has it come back to you? How?


Inquiring minds want to know!