Missing a Heart

A tornado whirling through Kansas, whisked Dorothy and her dog Toto to the magical land of Oz hoping to meet the Wizard in the Emerald City.

As they progressed along the Yellow Brick Road, they met three creatures who lacked something important: a Scarecrow that needed a brain, a Cowardly Lion who wanted courage, and a Tin Man, missing a heart.

The Tin Man, Wizard of Oz, credit  Pixabay Images



Something Else Missing

February 2017 I received a Valentine card from Aunt Ruthie, her last to me. I was happy to receive a card from my aunt, who died three months later in May. Yet, for me, the card had no heart. Her personal stamp was not on it. Someone on the staff at Landis Homes (bless them!) made the card for her. The printed letters did not reflect her flowing style. She may have added the stickers, but I have no guarantee she could even did that.



This crystal teddy bear does have a heart, but it’s made of glass. The bear has no fleshy organ pulsing with life. Obviously, a whole-hearted person gave the gift.

Crystal bear, the subject of a story Cliff wrote while traveling in Laurel, Mississippi March, 2001


Heart Felt

Over the years, our aunt donated pints, quarts, probably gallons of blood to help the needy. She frequented The Big Red Bus or whatever was its equivalent at the time she gave blood. We found certificates of appreciation for her contributions when we sifted through her personal effects last year.


Homemade Hearts

A folder on my computer desktop holds some spontaneous tokens of love. All of them are homemade. None of them require paper, paints, or money.

One version of a “Mennonite breakfast” with sours: red beet-pickled eggs and olive eyes & eyebrows



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This year Valentines’ Day coincides with Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Happily, the two special days share similar sentiments.

What special tokens of love have you given? Or received?

What action do you want to take after reading Pope Francis’ Lenten reflection?

Other thoughts?