10 Reasons Why My Husband Does Not Hear Me:

1. He is listening to an audio book CD

2. He is listening to music

3. He doesn’t have his hearing aids in

4. He does have his hearing aids in but they’re tuned to TV/BlueTooth

5. He is upstairs

6. He is downstairs

7. He is mowing the lawn

8. He’s at the computer

9. He is indisposed

10. He is not here


12 Do Overs:   In honor of women (and men) everywhere who keep house

o     Toilet paper in all bathrooms

o     Liquid soap in all dispensers

o     Milk in the frig

o     Juice in the pitcher

o     Paper towels on holder

o     Light bulbs in the pantry

o     Water the plants

o     Staples in the stapler

o     Paper for the copier

o     Kitchen clock wound

o     Garbage out

o     Gas in the tank

Thank the Lord!

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ã Marian Beaman