It so falls out  / That what we have we prize not to the worth, / Whiles we enjoy it; but being lacked and lost, / Why, then we rack the value; then we find / The virtue, that possession would not show us / Whiles it was ours.   Much Ado About Nothing, Act IV, Sc. 1, Shakespeare

Is it true we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it? What do you think?


5 Entries from my grandsons’ gratitude books:

1. The color GREEN
2. My dog Teddy
3. The Geico gecko
4. That I’m not an orfan
5. Pokemon

Curtis_GratitudeBk Ian_GratitudeBk


Some Entries from my gratitude book:

1. Hyacinths in the supermarket
2. Fell on pavement – didn’t break any bones
3. I can close the zipper on my size ? dress, barely, but still can
4. Talk on phone to 94-year-old Mom
5. New friend, Vietnamese neighbor
6. Lunch with former student Ivy
7. Clouds *

* Love Alexander McCall Smith’s new book, The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds. He writes of Scotland and Botswana with equal enthusiasm. Check him out for mystery lite!

How do you express what you are thankful for? Do you share with friends? Grandchildren? Use a journal, scrapbook?

What have you enjoyed but taken for granted and then lost? Let’s chat!