Mennonite Daughter:

The Story of a Plain Girl

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In Mennonite Daughter – The Story of a Plain Girl, Marian Beaman invites you into a world gone by with a living tribute to her Mennonite family. We learn how we may cling to our roots while needing the find our own path, and how our growth can include respect for the past. You will be charmed by her depiction of a simple, plain life in a rural community in the fifties, and her gentle shift into modern times.

– Linda Joy Myers, Founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers, author of Don’t Call Me Mother, and Song of the Plains.

Marian Beaman offers a heartfelt memoir of her journey to find her authentic self- a self that rises above the abuse she suffered at her fathers hand a self that’s true to her Mennonite values, a self that lets her revel in red shoes. Readers will cheer her on and delight in her success.

– Carol Bodensteiner, author of Growing Up Country, Memoirs of an Iowa Farm Girl.

I love this book, with its marvelous description, which opens significant windows into 20th century Mennonite life. This book is a fine heirloom treasure for discovering the heartbeat of special folks in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania family history. Marian’s memoir deserves an A+ endorsement. “Addictive!”

– Joanne Hess Siegrist, historian, teacher, tour guide; author, Mennonite Women of Lancaster County: A Story in Photographs from 1855-1935



Mennonite Daughter

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