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Curious about my blog title? The plain part describes my first 24 years as a Mennonite girl in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the fancy follows as I move south: first to Charlotte, North Carolina, and then to Jacksonville, Florida.

Watch for stories about faith and family knitted together by memory. You have stories too—or responses to what’s happening now. Do comment. I love words. Share some of yours!

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Jenna A Thirteenth Birthday

Jenna is our only grand daughter. This July she turns thirteen. She is still very girly, but she is growing up fast and now prefers a more sophisticated look.   Once upon a time, this little girl was a three-year-old princess. She woke up in the morning, got out...

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Come to Bible School Every Evening of the Week

Come to Bible School, come to Bible school, every evening of the week, come to Bible school . . . Always be on time, always be on time . . . Watermelon, Hires homemade root beer floats, and swimming in a farm pond with mud on the bottom, squishy between our toes –...

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Memoir Moment with Mom in the Tobacco Field

This is a photograph of my mother, Ruth Longenecker, in the tobacco field located in our family’s acreage in Bainbridge, Pennsylvania seven miles from our home. Until the photo was restored, I did not realize the presence of a figure in middle distance, who I’m...

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Purple Passages

Kids, Oaks, and Quotes: Purple Passages for August 2015

A Short Story Once upon a time seven children from three different states came to visit their family in Pennsylvania. Some came from far away in a car, plane or train so they could see each other and get to know their grandparents and great-grandparents, who lived in...

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